Acta Finance

Welcome to Acta Finance


The future of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is in the hands of complete DeFi ecosystems that are cross-chain interoperable, giving the users the freedom to choose on which blockchain they operate the protocols on and get the most out of each network's liquidity. Education is key for users to utilise innovative products, which are now shifting to be implemented in the backend of protocols and provide automatically the most beneficial outcome for the end user.
Acta Finance is a DeFi ecosystem that brings innovation to the DeFi industry by introducing many centralised features for the first time on-chain to fight manipulation, corruption, and abuse of passive earning features, such as address milestones and a referral program. The ActaFi Ecosystem combines multiple products and technologies in one place to provide a better user experience, of which the ACTA Token benefits with five utilities.

Vision and Goal

Our vision is to bring innovation to the DeFi industry by bringing fresh passive-earning features and DeFi products together in one ecosystem. The ActaFi ecosystem is a DeFi playground that offers the best potential outcome for traders and introduces both new, and existing centralised, passive earning opportunities on-chain to motivate user activity and ecosystem growth in a fair and transparent way.
Our goal is to introduce an innovative DeFi ecosystem on multiple blockchains to allow the users to choose their favorite network to operate the ActaFi protocols on, which focuses on a friendly user experience and rewarding the community for their user base growth and activity.