Acta Finance
Cross-Chain DeFi Ecosystem
Acta Finance is a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem that develops on both Avalanche and Cardano. There are two separate development teams working on the smart contracts to deliver the ecosystem on both blockchains simultaneously, offering users the freedom to choose on which blockchain they engage with in the ActaFi Ecosystem.

What is DeFI?

Decentralised Finance, also known as DeFi, caused the Ethereum network to become overloaded. With an average cost of 25$ for the slowest transaction during rush hour, it made the network less user-friendly. Smart contract interaction, for example a simple trade on Uniswap, costs up to roughly $75.
Many projects bridged to the Binance Smart Chain for faster transactions and lower fees, which is currently being surpassed by other networks, Avalanche being one of them. DeFi should be affordable and accessible by anyone!
Gas Price (Gwei)

Why Cardano

Cardano was founded in 2015 by Ethereum Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson. The development of the project is supervised by the Cardano Foundation in Zug, Switzerland. Over the past 3 years, Cardano has been developing to open up their ecosystem for dApp deployments on the main net.
There is no blockchain in the world that is making the effort to offer β€˜RealFi’ to the people on this planet. Real-world solution oriented projects choose to build on Cardano because it is one of the most energy-efficient public blockchains in the industry at this stage.

Why Avalanche

Avalanche has the best documentation for financial dApp development in the industry. The ActaFi ecosystem requires a blockchain that is ready for high-frequency usage and interaction with the blockchain. It makes Avalanche the current best pick for Acta Finance to develop the ActaFi Ecosystem on, in parallel as on Cardano.