Acta Finance

Protocol Overview

Acta Finance offers multiple opportunities for users to earn passive income by combining the most rewarding DeFi features. The ecosystem is enabled by a combination of smart contracts that provide fast and secure connections between blockchains, creating scalability and interoperability between networks. This technical reference document outlines the main interfaces and features of the smart contracts developed as part of the ActaFi Protocol.

Cross-Chain Development on Cardano and Avalance

ActaFi Protocol is focused on cross-chain development providing common interfaces with Cardano and Avalanche networks. The development of smart contracts and interfaces is done in parallel. Since the performance of the blockchain networks and support for DeFi protocols are different the release to the public for the two networks have separate milestones.

Cross-Chain API Gateway

After common interfaces are finalised on both networks, additional gateways and API interfaces will be developed allowing the developers to use standard HTTP request flows. This is aimed to reduce the barrier to entry working with either one of the networks, simplifying the integration process for the developers, so that cross-chain operations could be executed by having to integrate only with a common interface.

Smart Contract Overview

The ecosystem is comprised of the main protocol and smart contracts that implement the interfaces as follows:
  • Swap
  • Staking
  • Token
  • Bridge
  • Farming
  • Oracle
  • Funding
  • Affiliate
  • Milestones
  • Governance
  • (DAO)
  • Launchpad
These interfaces provide common guidelines for the developers integrating and using the protocol enabling the decentralised execution of the contracts.