Acta Finance

Christof Waton - Founder / CEO

Christof has over four years experience as CBDO in the crypto centralised exchange industry and blockchain business development consultancy, bringing DeFi features, strategy planning and incentives to the market. Chris' vision is to contribute to the evolution of the DeFi world and put a new standard for the industry.

Laurynas Antanavičius - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Laurynas is a Certified Agile practitioner with 10+ years of experience managing engineering teams to deliver Cloud infrastructure projects, blockchain- based real-time systems and high-traffic web marketplaces.
During his career he led Data Center infrastructure projects with budgets over 50M $ for the Bank of Lithuania and the Ministry of Interior of Lithuania. He served as a CTO launching a centralised crypto exchange to Top 50 position in CMC and delivering a liquidity framework ‘CoinStruction’ for centralised crypto exchanges.
Artautas Jasinskas - Chief Operations Officer
Artautas is an experienced Product Owner / Project manager. More than 10 years working in the financial sector and delivering high impact global projects by introducing and implementing green field solutions in a financial regulated environment. Artautas has been working with high end technologies and leading different teams across the globe.
During his career he led several Agile transformations (an act of transforming an organisation's form or nature gradually to one that is able to embrace and thrive in a flexible, collaborative, self-organising, fast changing environment) by introducing different ways of working . Artautas is an Agile evangelist, loving benefits and adopting different Agile methodologies in different teams in order to deliver better, faster with better quality.
Jiazi Li - Chief Marketing Officer
Jiazi is a young emerging professional with a focus on Branding, Marketing and exceptional organisational and communication skills and a very persuasive nature.
Recently, Jiazi has joined Acta Finance as a Chief Marketing officer where he is planning, developing, implementing and monitoring the overall business marketing strategy for one of the most anticipated DeFi projects in 2022. Jiazi is fluent in Chinese, English, and Spanish.
Gytis Trilikauskis - Head Of Marketing
Gytis has experience as a CMO, content writer and ghostwriter over the past 4 years in the industry. Those skills allow him to work independently within Acta Finance to provide the community updates on social media and the community channels.
Eva Beliavciv - Investor Relations
Eva entered the Fintech industry as a translator and business developer. Her latest experiences as community growth manager in OKX and past experience in Howdoo introduced Eva to the DeFi world.
Marius Naujokas - Lead UI/UX Developer
Marius is an incredibly efficient web designer specialising in user-focused web platform designs. He’s delivered numerous design projects for crypto and e-commerce startups. He is consistently on-point and on-time delivering unique UX solutions.
Abhishek Mishra - Frontend Engineer
Abhishek has over 5 years of experience being a Frontend Developer / Engineer. During his career, he has done remote work for agencies, startups, and collaborated with talented people to create digital products for both business and consumer use. Abhishek creates high performance & rich interactive websites that work across all platforms & devices.
Georg-Gert Tammeleht - Senior front end developer
Georg is a senior front end developer with vast experience working on different solutions for various projects. In his career Georg not only has vast experience in hands-on activities, but also has experience in leading and coaching other developers in his team. Georg is known in the team for his “can do” attitude.
Taaniel Sylla - Senior backend developer
Taaniel is senior backend developer with many experience in different projects and start ups. In his career Taaniel has worked on different complicated projects and was always interested in solidity. In Acta Finance Taaniel took a leading role in developing ActaFi Swap and bringing this solution to the community.
Pavel Zagzin - Senior backend developer
Pavel is senior backend developer with many years of experience in working with different solutions and projects. Pavel has mastered several programming languages and can work in many roles. Pavel easily takes responsibility in leading other developers. Pavel always makes sure all solutions he is developing are bullet proof.


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